Monday, November 08, 2004

Fringe benefit!

I think my hair is growing back.

OK, now I know what you're thinking- of course, you're a werewolf, you're gonna grow some hair.

But check it out.

I'm a 31 year old man, and I'm not ashamed to tell you that I have been thinning out a bit over the past several years, you know- up top.

Actually, I would have been ashamed to tell you about it, but I've really been seeing a substantive change these days. Until recently, there has been a fairly consistent downward slide, hairwise. Like, if my hair is cut really short, it wouldn't be obvious that I was going bald, but when it grew out, there was a definate half-moon cresent (ironic when you think about it) of thinning hair around the front of my head.

Basically, the way to describe my balding is kind of like if I were to shave my head, It would grow back only on the back and sides, giving me the natural hairstyle of a circus clown, with that odd ball of fluff up front. I was on a one way train to a Rob Cordry, and as entertaining as he is, I wasn't ready for that.

But now- I've been growing my hair back, which is astonishing.

Now, I don't know if this is lycanthrope related, but if it is, there may be a considerable market for my disorder in the field of revolutionary baldness cures.

I mean, shit- if you're willing to suffer the indignity of a toupee, combover, or even that goddawful spray on hair, would it be that much of a compromise to change into a beast for a couple nights a week?

Seriously, my hair has body, luster, and I've already been feeling more confident.

I haven't met any ladies yet, but that may be because I'm in my 30's, work in a video store, and am somewhat preoccupied with this "curse of the werewolf" thing I have going on.

I know that Dan wants me to kill myself, but for now, I'm gonna head over to Kiehl's and get some product!

I've been told I should "work it in from the back."

This is gonna be awesome.


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