Sunday, February 06, 2005

Let's Go Pats!


Today is the day- the first time in over five months I've been able to watch a Boston area sports team compete for the ultimate prize while not also turning into a monster!

I'm going to a superbowl party in Jersey to watch it, making this the best trip to New Jersey I will have had in over five months provided I can manage to keep my dick out of the host's Springer Spaniel.

Also, here's an idea- STOP CALLING THE VIDEO STORE!

I love that I'm doing an intimate blog about turning into a motherfucking werewolf for fuck's sake, and the part of the plot that has you douchebags spinning off into conspiracy theories is the implausible whimsy that I actually work at a video store.



At 10:24 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

FUCK YEAH! Hope you enjoyed that one buddy. I'm so happy and drunk I'd give you a fucking hug even if you were fully werewolf. GO PATS!

At 6:13 PM , Blogger anne said...

do people really call the video store and ask for kirk?
do they want to be werewolves, too? or do they want to take you on a date, kirk?

At 6:59 PM , Blogger Kirk said...

Well, there have been several comments from people who have said they have called when I wasn't there.

In response, if you read through this thing, you'll see there have been several times where I have said " I'll be at the video store tomorrow till 5:30- call if you want."

Then they don't call.

Which sucks even worse, because as boring as it is to be at work, it's even worse when the phone rings, and I think "hey! maybe it's somebody who reads my blog!"

Then, when it's some douche who wants me to put "Danny Deckchair" on hold, I'm all the more miserable.


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