Monday, January 24, 2005

There's a Full Moon Tonight.

So I'd like to get this post in quickly, because it might be my last.

I feel awful, and almost totally confused.

But it's worth bringing up this interesting fact.

I didn't change last night. In the past, the night before the full moon had caused me to change, but as I look back though the blog, it hasn't always.

I asked Bruce about it, and he said that I am gaining control. Also, I wonder about what Alyssa said. She said that when one is content with his life, it is impossible to change into the wolf. And aren't I content? I mean, I live in a mansion with my own private quarters, enjoy the services of my own personal harem, and am given the appropriate respect due a rogue champion.

Still, in order for this existence to really be ideal, I'd have to still be a werewolf, right? I mean, if I get too complacent, when the time comes to face Bruce in the ring, if I can't change, well- that would be a problem.

I've begun to wonder if I should be trusting this guy.

I went down to his chambers this afternoon to ask him about it, and to discuss what would happen tonight on the change, and when I got there he welcomed me warmly.

"Kirk!" He said, sweeping the door open wide upon my arrival. "It is wonderful to see you. And I have something for you. Your victim."

He pulled a curtain, revealing a sprawling view of the grounds. About sixty feet away, shackled to a large elm tree and standing in the snow was Mickey.

"He will be released on the grounds at 6:00 PM." You will be released when you change. I suggest you go out to visit him, and get his scent."

I kept quiet, for the most part, and decided to go out there. Bruce was kind of freaking me out, and I was still wondering if I could even change. I felt the panic rise, and thought it was happening, and then it just turned out to be plain old panic. Which is also scary.

I walked out the front door, and crunched through the snow towards where Mickey was shackled. He had been gagged with a thick piece of burlap, and looked as though he had been beaten badly. I looked behind me, and saw Bruce standing a safe distance away. He could see me, but I wasn't sure if he could hear.

As I got closer, Mickey surged at his shackles. His guttural attempts at speech seemed so persistant, that as I approached him, I was consumed with a burning curiosity to remove his gag. I looked back at Bruce. He was watching, but definately keeping his distance.

I really wanted to find out what he had been doing in my room and on my computer.

Fuck it.

I reached out and untied his gag.

"Kirk! Kirk! You've got to list-"

I stopped his diatribe with a backhanded slap across his face. Hard. He shut up.

"I don't want to hear it. You'll get a chance to talk soon. What were you doing in my room Mickey? And where the hell have you been the past week?"

"My name isn't Mickey. Anymore...I'm...this is gonna sound weird..."

I looked down at the back of my hand and saw his blood on the back of my hand. I stared at it, brought my hand to my face and smelled it. I could see the fear in his face paralyzing him. I liked it. His scent was as clear to me as the beam of a flashlight in a pitch black room. "Whatever, asshole- I don't care who you are."

I turned and started walking away.

"This is a set up! You know me Kirk! I've been to see Alyssa!"

I stopped in my tracks.

He went on: "You know me Kirk, I used to be Mickey but he is gone now, and I'm in his body."

I turned around

"So who are you then? And make it fast."

"You know me. You know me.." He kind of started to cry a little. "My name is Dan. Dan Reilly."

Holy fucking shit.


The voice was Bruce's, and I heard his purposeful steps striding towards me though the snow.

Mickey's face looked up at me and I stared into his eyes.

"Kirk!" He whispered. "You know it's true. Don't do this. It was Alyssa...she got me out...We taked about the series, you hate the Cure, you thought voting for Kerry was more important than this werewolf" he started blubbering a little more. He looked up at me. "Your cat's name was...he was named.... Grapes."

Now it was my turn to be paralyzed.

"Don't....don't trust him....."

A hand came down on my shoulder.

It was Bruce.

"You'll be changing soon. You have his scent. It is time to prepare."

He steered me around with his hand and with a light but persistent pressure, directed me back towards the house. It was already getting darker even though it wasn't yet 5:00. I couldn't resist him. I don't know if I was just stunned by what Mickey...or was it Dan had said. I mean, how the hell could Mickey have possibly known about Grapes? I mean-

I rush of blood went to my head and I stumbled.

"Everything will be fine. You are making tremendous progress."

Bruce's voice was soothing, and I just kept walking away.

He led me back to my room, and got me inside.

"Now is the time to prepare. You will be hunting and killing the victim tonight, and it is an important step. I'm sure you don't want to give this up."

"I...I'm just a little bit.."


Fuck! He was right. Bruce is always right. He grabbed my hand, which still had the blood on it and thrust it to my face. The scent was still there, still strong, and it focused me.

"That is all you need to know. Now, rest. Attendants will come for you before the change. They will knock, and you must answer. Now- prepare."

As he left, I heard the lock click behind him. I wasn't going anywhere.

I rushed to my computer and started writing this thing out- maybe it will clear my head, maybe It'll give me some answers- maybe- maybe...

Oh God.

Someone is knocking.

It's a few minutes past six.

Wish me luck.


At 3:04 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well now, this is a tough lil puzzle, hey? If Mickey read your Blog then I'm pretty sure he'd know all about dan, right? And if he knows all about dan, then he might just be saying this shtuff so that you won't kill him, and he'll have a chance against you.. Orrr, could be that the head werewolf "convinced" mickey to tell you he was Dan, as a test of loyalties.. Be careful, thats all i have to say.. And if in doubt, kill Mickey/Dan, cuz what can Dan do for you anyways? I mean, one human in a den of wolves? He'd be boned anyways.

At 3:12 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who is Dan Reilly? I am reading since the beggining but completly forget him.

At 11:16 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

have you ever considered that talking about this could bring the others out in the open? I mean afterall... its easy to hunt when they(prey)dont know you are there. But then you start talking and before you know it people are looking over thier shoulder... Makes it damn hard. Why would you make it harder for us? Do you not enjoy what you have? If it is so displeasurable to you finish yourself.

Dont be a danger to the pack

At 3:06 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will Kirk live to see the SuperBowl? Will Bruce take him for a 'long walk'? Wil a rival gang of wereskunks lay the smack down?

Stay tuned!

At 9:41 PM , Blogger mike said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 12:18 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, so this is obviously a lead-up to some product, movie, game, book, whatever. C'mon, Kirk, what're you selling? That new movie Cursed, with Christina Ricci? Some new game for the XBox, PS2? what is it? You never worked at Reel Life, the quote in the NYT simply said "a clerk at Reel Life," which could have been anyone. I'd have been more impressed if it had said "Kirk Thomson, a Reel Life video store clerk, who in his spare time prepares for death-cage matches with his fellow werewolves in NY State." And you killed dozens on a thanksgiving bus? Where was the CNN non-stop coverage? Not even a brief mention anywhere in the news.

Thanks for taking us all on this ride, but I'm about ready to get off this bus unless it's got a destination in mind. You've got a game you're promoting? fine, tell me about it, and I'll think about getting it. Are you writing a novel? gimme the URL and I'll buy it. is this all background for the Ricci movie coming out next month? fine. Tell me. You've got me interested, I've read this far, so drop the other shoe already.

At 4:56 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Lord! Here's Kirk engaged in a climatic battle between good and evil and you want to know what product he's pushing? ;-)

Nah, whatever Kirk has going on, he's gonna take his time telling us.

At 9:42 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey when you transform tonight would you mind tearing the fuck out of Terrel Owens? That'd be swell. Oh and by the way- to the total douche who posted that the pats aren't a dynasty... could you post the pictures of you licking your own balls, I'd like to have Tom Brady and Bill Belichek sign those- not your balls, the picture, that is.

As for "what you're selling". That dude is a douche too. Keep writting Kirk and fuck a motherfucker up good, when you get the chance.


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