Sunday, January 30, 2005


Sorry about that last post.

I was a little drunk.

I mean, whatever, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that Napolean Dynamite is not the enemy here.

I guess I should get this story down though- it's horribly embarrasing, but really- the truth is the truth, and I guess embarrasment is part of that.

After Bruce told me that I had "passed with flying colors" I entered the house and began walking up the stairs towards his chambers. As I was walking, the stairs kind of flashed. It was weird- like the carpeting on the stairs, normally a rich burgundy, kind of flashed into black and white for a moment, resembling the stairs of a cellar. I heard Alyssa's voice from behind me.

"Kirk! Don't!"

I turned around, and the house was as it had always been.

I resumed my climb, and saw Bruce standing at the top of the stairs.


Alyssa again- from behind me.

I turned, and was in a basement. Like grungy walls, dirty floors and she was there. Tied to a wall.

"Alyssa?" I started to say, and my head started spinning again.

"Fight it." She said- and I closed my eyes, waiting for the spinning to stop.

I heard Bruce's voice again- "Kirk- come up to me." I looked up at him, and it- well- wasn't him. There was a short, balding middle aged man wearing a wife beater T-shirt at the top of the cellar stairs with several dogs at his feet. "You have done well, and you deserve your reward." That wasn't Bruce's voice.

Who the fuck was that guy?

"Enjoy the fruits of your labors, my boy-" came the unfamiliar voice which as he talked, turned into Bruce's voice at the same time as the carpet suddenly reappeared in full lush red. "these purebloods are here to service you."

OK, now that was Bruce.

I looked up the stairs, back in the mansion, and Bruce, as I knew him, regally dressed in a cape and holding the cane that he had with him when I first saw him in Mccarren Park, with two naked women draped around him- that I recognized as Kate Frost and Katie Holmes.

"Come to us Kirk" said Kate Frost.

"We've missed you" said Katie Homes, blowing me a kiss.

I faltered on the stairs for a moment and took a step upwards.

As I gazed into the eyes of the women, and then to Bruce I saw a flash of terror in his eyes as Alyssa's voice cut through the illusion.

"Kirk! Goddamnit! Snap out of this!"

I had another crippling headrush, and Bruce's eyes's, widened in terror, were the only things that didn't change, as his body, the mansion, the women and the stairs reverted back to the cellar scene. Bruce wasn't Bruce. He was short and fat, and women were not women, they were dogs, and I was in a dirty basement.

And as the illusions fell away, the memories returned.


I wasn't living in a mansion. I wasn't any kind of chosen werewolf, I was living in a basement and I had been....

Oh fuck.

Had I been having sex with dogs?

My knees buckled under me and I fell down the cellar stairs. Shaking my head, I turned around and saw several things I recognized from Alyssa's old loft. My computer, a bed, two cages.

What the fuck was happening to me?

I rolled over and saw Alyssa.

"Kirk! Kirk! Can you see me?"

"Yes" I said. "I can."

"Well untie me, dipshit, we have to get out of here."

She was never much for tact.

I turned to her and untied her hands, when the unfamiliar voice cried out from the top of the stairs. "Kirk. You're sick. Let me take care of you- you are going through something awful, and I can help. Remember the Patriots- have I ever been wrong about anything?"

It wasn't Bruce's voice. I had another violent headrush, and when my eyesight returned, I was back in the mansion, and I saw and heard Bruce, walking down the stairs towards me. "That's it my boy. You have learned control. And with control, comes power. You do want power, don't you?"

I looked over my shoulder, and Alyssa was gone.

I was in the foyer of the mansion, and Bruce was standing over me, with the two women by his side.

"Get up my boy."

I struggled to get to my feet and as I was trying to rise, I was knocked to the floor as, of all things, a mailbox, disconnected from it's post and travelling with a great deal of speed, shattered though the glass doors, sending flying glass into my face, and knocking me to the ground. It was the voice that truly shattered things though. A familar voice- Mickey's.

"No! Stay down!"

As I heard his voice, the mansion disappeared and I was back in the cellar, with the short man standing over me, his dogs licking my face.

"It's me, Kirk- It's Dan."

This time the voice was in my head. Dan's voice, from the iPod. I touched my ears and I wasn't wearing headphones but it WAS Dan, and he WAS speaking to me, in my head.

"He's tricking you Kirk. It's mind control."

"Dan?" I put my head in my hands, and squeezed.

I opened my eyes and I was on red carpet again, with the two women stroking my hair.

"There, there" said Katie Holmes. "It'll all be better soon. It'll all be better."
"Take it slow lover," said Kate Frost. I've seen this happen, and everything will be fine."
Bruce's voice, as I remembered it, boomed into my ears.

"Rest is what you need Kirk. Give me your arm."

I felt his fist clench around my arm as the women stroked my head and I saw a syringe coming towards me. As it got closer and closer to my arm, Bruce was knocked off his feet by something invisible. When he landed, I was back in the basement and the short man was rolling on the ground with Alyssa. She had tackled him, and there was a struggle. The two dogs, which were right up in my face, barked sharply, startling me, and causing me to sit up straight.

"Kirk. It's Dan- you there, buddy?"

The voice in my head was back, and it was Dan.

"Get that motherfucker off Alyssa, and let's get out of here."

And then. Only then, did I truly know. Did I truly remember.

A rage consumed my entire body, and a deep snarl started in the back of my throat.

I was changing, and this time, I didn't want to fight it.

"ALYSSA!" My voice was more of a roar than a human voice, but I made no effort to calm myself.


There was power in my body and there was rage. I was awake, and fucking pissed.

The short man, who I had known as Bruce, rolled off Alyssa, and she took off up the stairs, followed by the dogs, tails between their legs. I felt my spine snapping and expanding and my jaw stretching and jutting out of my head. My ears were filled by the sounds of bristiling hair.

The man got to his feet.

"Kirk. Listen to me."

It wasn't Bruce's voice.

"You need control."

It wasn't Bruce.

But it didn't really matter either way, becuase at that point, I wasn't Kirk.

"You have to understand- this was the only way- it HAD to be thi-"

I didn't get the rest of what he was saying, mostly becuase it's hard to really comprehend what someone is trying to say when you're busy tearing his throat out. Most of what happened was a frenzy. I heard gurgling and snapping, I felt a the warm spray of blood across my muzzle, and I gotta be honest with you guys, I just killed the fuck out of that son of a bitch.

Afterwards there was silence, sporadically broken up by the involuntary snarling that came from my blood-filled throat. I paced around the cellar, examining the chunks of bone and flesh that remained. They were pretty much littered all around the basement and the wall where Alyssa had been tied was dripping with blood.

I raised my head in the air, filled up my lungs with not only the stuffy air of the basement but also the adrenalene of the kill, and howled. Like, really, really, howled. In a flash, I was bounding up the steps of the cellar, smashed through the front door of what appeared to be a country home of some kind and just ran towards the woods.

I ran, and ran, and ran- and that's where everything got fuzzy again.

The next thing I remember I was waking up naked in the snow by a frozen creekbed.

Which totally sucked, cause it was fucking cold as a motherfucker.

I felt myself dying, and just didn't care. The cold was so intense that it felt warm, nice, kind of narcotic. My mind phased out and I settled into the swirling darkness. I saw a light and was moving towards it when I heard yet another voice.

"Kirk. My God- come back to me!"

It was Alyssa- I tried to blink, but my eyelids were frozen shut. My whole body shook, in an involuntary spasm. I realized there was a blanket around me, and I felt a snap in my legs as she rolled me over. I passed out again, and woke up in Brooklyn.

I can't fucking believe that I fucked those dogs.

I mean, shit.

I hope you zooskool fucks are enjoying the irony here, but that's just nasty.

Holy fucking shit.


At 7:32 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


Well, at least you know you're not part of a world dominating syndicate of werewolves...

... I uh...


At 2:28 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, that was a friggin' amazing post and an equally awesome followup comment.

Dude - wow.


At 12:21 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very well, Kirk. It seems that you are beginning to understand the importance of a good plot to your story. By removing over the top references and concentrating on characters you are developing a more three dimensional narrative and avoiding the common mistake of a simple dualistic story. Keep up the good work.

At 11:05 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, who invited kirk's 7th grade english teacher? does he get an A or what?

Kirk- that was fuckin' great! you silly dog-fucker. I'm going to go get a dog and name the fucker Katie Holmes! Then as homage to you I'm going to get me a copy of Napolean Dynamite and shove that dvd right up katie holmes' butt.


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