Monday, February 07, 2005

OK- let's hear it, commentors!

Seriously, bring it on!

I wanna hear from all you doubters and douchebags who made fun of me when I called DYNASTY even before the Pats sent Payton Manning home with three fucking points.

Or how about the douchebag who commented that Big Ben over in Pittsburgh "knows how to win in the NFL"

Let's hear from that guy!

Titletown, motherfuckers. Titletown.

Apologies should begin "Dear Kirk, I'm sorry I doubted you."

Oh, and I howled at the superbowl party. When McNabb through that last interception, I was up and howling like that was my dayjob, and I needed to make rent.

Got some funny looks, but it passed.

All is well.



At 1:34 PM , Blogger Charles Star said...

So, if I understand this correctly, New Englanders have just been biding their time, waiting to become... Yankee fans? It's like looking through the smudgy window at the end of Animal Farm.

At 2:49 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I now officially loathe Boston sports fans.

At 6:11 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Kirk,

Fuck you, the Pats, and the werewolf you rode in on. You jumped the shark. I peed on your couch while you were in New Jersey. Ugh, New Englander sports fans are insufferable! The only time I could tolerate you people was when Don Cherry coached the Bruins. Fuck Yeah.
Anyhow, keep it up you shark-jumping dog-humper. The NFL is for cranked up crunk monkeys.

At 6:49 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everyone I know howls at the superbowl. You're just better at it than most.

At 10:34 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes yes kirk-
Did Donovan McNabb eat a Super Bowl of Chunky shit yesterday or what? Seriously- how could anybody route against the pats.

Oh and if that was a yankees fan callin 'foul' on shit-talking, you are the biggest pussy in new york! Why don't you take your ball, go home and cry now you wimp. Yes, Boston Sports fans ARE pricks- Kirk is a prick, I am a prick and everyone gloating and partying in title town is a prick and you know why- because it feel so good to hear fair weather yankee fans piss and moan about it.
May you have 86 years of watching replays of A-Rod "bitch-slap" the ball out of Bronson Arroyo's glove.

You make me sick-
I got your back kirk

At 3:56 PM , Blogger Jereme said...

Hey, it's the guy who said that Big Ben knows how to win in the NFL. He never lost a regular season game in his rookie year. What can I say?

The Patriots can still suck it. I don't give a fuck what they do. I hate them, because I feel that hate in my gut. No matter of performance will make a fan of Boston teams. Celtics, Bruins, Sox, Pats... They can all burn for all I care. I'm just happy that Nomar got out.

As for apologies. "Dear Kirk, I'm sorry you're a Boston fan."

At 7:29 PM , Blogger Kirk said...

OK, dude-

But credit where it's due.

You can crap all over Boston sports teams for being successful of late, but no one can say we didn't pay our dues. Everybody knows the Red Sox story, but when Kraft bought the Pats, they were a joke. They got KILLED in the 80's in that super bowl against the Bears, and died an awful death against the Packers in the 90's. The Celtics have been a great dynasty, but after Len Bias died, there has been almost wo decades now of unprecedented woe. The Bruins haven't won since 1972, which sucks for me, as I was born in 1973, and I feel like it might be my fault.

Pittsburgh, on the other hand, won a couple of Stanley Cups in the 90's, and as much of a pair of whining bitches Mario Lemieux and Jaromir Jagr were (and are,) they were a hell of a lot of fun to watch back in the day. Also, it was that epic scumbag Ulf Sammulson whose dirty hit led to the end of Cam Neely's career, and should send all Pittsburgh teams into a spiral of dispair and failure forever more.

In short, F. Pittsburgh.

Black and Gold looks better on a Boston team anyway.

Jesus, I miss hockey.

At 9:17 PM , Blogger Jereme said...

I miss hockey, too.

The only reasons I wanted Pitts to win are my deep hatred for the Pats, and my lowly Hawks being eliminated in round one.

I actually don't hate the Sox... Though I'm an M's fan I was happy for them at the time. I'm just extending my Pats hatred over all of Boston for a short time. It will pass...


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