Sunday, February 27, 2005

Well, if the average keeps up-

I should hit 20,000 visitors to this site some time tomorrow.

I realize that a lot of people come back over and over again, so I have no idea how many people have really read this thing, but fuck- 20 thousand. Since last October? Not bad for a goofy little diary about a werewolf and his dating troubles. That's pretty good I think, although I'm not really sure what constitutes a "successful" blog.

I usually average a little over a hundred a day, with spikes on those days when some big link site picks it up. Those are fun days.

You know, traditionally, you'd expect a werewolf to spend his down time prowling around, tracking down potential victims, and agonizing over how to deal with his affliction, not- you know, obsessively checking his site meter, and pondering the fact that there are dudes in Australia who are really into this thing.

But fuck it, it's a new century I guess.

That's weird too, that it's a new CENTURY.

I mean, I'm not even really fully reconciled with the fact that the 90's are over. I'm still a little pissed off that it's fucking 2005 and we haven't got our jet packs yet. I guess we did get the internet, which is awesome, but it's not a jet pack either, for crying out loud.

I mean, on New Year's day 2000, I took a dump in the middle of my living room floor and patiently waited for a robot to come clean it up.

Didn't happen.

Still, you can't help but be a little disapointed by the internet, and what it's done as opposed to what it could have been. I mean basically, it was to be a combination of all the information in the world, and also Porn! It was like- the Library of Congress, but you could fuck it! It's hard to not want to invest in something like that. And now- well, we have a newer, faster way to shop at Barnes and Noble, and you get to read the online personal journal of a werewolf, for Christ's sake. Not exactly the giant leap for mankind that was heralded, is all.

That's kind of the overriding feeling I have about the 90's, especially when contrasted to what we have right now. It seems to me that if the 60's were the rock and roll decade, the 70's were the hangover, and the 80's were the money decade, the 90's are shaping up to be remembered as the decade of wasted potential. I mean, Bill Clinton was in office, Ben Stiller and Jeananne Garafalo were funny, the internet boom took off, and when you thought about George Bush, you thought "One term President." Fuck, I mean, sure, I guess we had enemies who wanted to blow up the World Trade Center, but back then, they sucked at it.
And look where we are now- we still have all of the shittiness we used to have at the beginning of the 90's, and none of that optimisim to go along with it. We have a shithead named Bush in the White House, a war in Iraq, a splintered, wounded and completey out of touch Democratic party, and this time time around, I'm a motherfucking werewolf.


I mean, what good has come so far from the new century?

Seriously- what good?

OK, we got Duran Duran back.

That's something, I guess.

Happy 20,000 everybody.


At 10:00 PM , Anonymous Chris said...

We have a solution to your dating needs and your dietary needs.

1. Get frisky with Bessy.
2. Eat the evidence.
3. Profit!

This is like in Catch Me If You Can where he wants to take the mark out for "a nice steak dinner", only she is the nice steak dinner, see.

At 12:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude, in 2000 you shit on your living room floor? You weren't even a werewolf then. That's gross.


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