Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Tonight's the night.

First night before the full moon.

I should be changing tonight, that is, if I've finally figured out how this works.

Beebee's in the cage, and just walked over to me and ate some grain out of my hand. He's cute. Part of me wonders if I can bring myself to eat him.

He's a pretty cool sheep.

I'll let you know what happens.


At 1:23 AM , Anonymous Chip Unicorn said...

Enjoy your mutton dinner!

Hrm. If you wake up in a few days and Beebee's still around, I know some Muslim butchers who have the most amazing dish. They stud the WHOLE sheep with pounds and pounds of garlic, take out most of the entrails, fill the inside with rice, and slow-roast the mutton for days. The rice slowly soaks up all the fat and juice from the cooking lamb and garlic; the slow-roasted meat is cooked through, but not tough. It's amazing. I had it at an Eid al-Fitr (end of Ramadan) party, and I won't forget it.

A shame that your wolfie half probably wouldn't care to wait for the meal...

At 8:15 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dearest Kirk,

‘Twas a full moon on the night of morrow last and I could not help myself. I have for too many years now been a creature unlike the others of this world and I’m afraid it is so deeply ingrained in my nature guilt graces not even my newly bloodied and freshly fed façade.

I’ve come under cover of night and taken BeeBee from you. While in human form I had intended to merely steal the lamb to free him, but then the brightest romantic call of all lunar seductions shone down on me at the very moment a million hungry howls of future cubs still tucked in wolfish wombs took hold.

And I was mercifully human no more.

Beebee has become a part of me. I have consumed most of him and left what I could not take for our raven cousins and the other scavengers of the forest.

Dearest Wolfin, know your beloved lamb’s death was not in vain. The pack’s new cubs – come spring time when they are born – will bear the blood of your precious sacrifice inside them as he has now been reborn by nature’s hand as something new and pure and clean.

Also let his death be perhaps your first lesson in the ways of our kind. It is not for us to capture our prey unless we have need of it for nourishment at that very moment. To ensnare such gentle beasts as those who sustain us before their deaths are required deprives them of their last days on earth and unbalances the workings of the forest floor.

Never again so prematurely take the freedom of another unless your belly or the bellies of your cubs or pack growl empty and you have no other recourse but to stalk and kill to fill them.

Let that hollow, hungry pit in the middle of your gut serve to remind you that in the forest, such greed and selfishness as is obviously rampant in your human nature is simply not allowed.



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