Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I talked to Dan-

I pitched him the whole "me biting somebody idea."

Needless to say, he's against it.

I'll give you the dialogue tomorrow, but now I'm off to see that awful Clint Eastwood girl boxing movie.

In other news, I watched "Resident Evil: Apocolypse" today. Or rather, I popped "Resident Evil: Apocolypse" in my DVD player, and attempted to sit still in front of it. After about 15 minutes, I was walking around, doing some dishes, and peeing on the drapes. I turned it off after an hour or so.

By the way, it's a testament to how much a movie sucks when it's chock full of zombies and scantily clad women, and I still find it boring. Normally, it would be the other way around- like, you know- if a movie gets boring, I say, add some scantily clad women and some Zombies, and I'm good to go.

For example, the movie "Portrait of a Lady" with Nicole Kidman is one of the most goddamn boring movies in the world, yet I woulda perked right up if at some point, while she was sitting in her anteroom, silently pining away for the love of a nobleman, a zombie smashed through the window and tore off her petticoat.

I'm not saying that would make a BETTER movie, but it wold be less boring is all.

Actually fuck that.

That would be better movie.

OK- I'm out-

I'll tell you what Dan said tomorrow.


At 11:23 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

porn - v - to fast forward through a boring plotless sham of a movie to get to the good parts - "I used to be able to porn Steven Segal movies to see him beat people up, but now even that puts me to sleep."


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