Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Sorry I didn't post yesterday-

My internet was all wonky in the snowstorm.

I've been pretty solitary these days, and having your internet connection go down is rough going. I pretty much stayed close to home, ate some soup, and watched the movie "Werewolf of London." Watching werewolf movies can be fun when you're a werewolf, cause there are so many things about them that are just ridiculous.

It's sort of like watching one of those "hot doctor" shows with a real doctor. Actually, I've never done that, but I have watched "Boston Public" with my dad, who was been a teacher in the Massachusetts public schools for over 40 years. It's funny, when I watch that show with him, he basically explains that every serious dramatic plot point in that show would be solved in real life by one of two options, either firing the teacher or expelling the student.

Kid steals a human hand and puts it in his locker? Kid gets expelled.
Teacher sleeps with a student without knowing she's a student? Teacher gets fired.

No handwringing, no bellyaching, it'd be pretty cut and dried.

Werewolf of London was like that for me. My favorite part in the movie is when the dude changes into a werewolf, looks around his labratory, and before leaving, puts on his cloak and hat.

I mean, sure he's a werewolf, but there's a chill out there, for God's sake.

Another conceit that I enjoyed in that movie was the idea that the werewolf always seeks out that which he most loves.

If that were the case, every time the moon was full, I'd be a bloodthirsty beast on a murderous quest for a large raspberry lime rickey from Brighams, the Boston area ice cream chain.

Goddamn, that's a delicious beverage.

I wish I could go get one right now.


At 8:18 AM , Anonymous Rhonda said...

Kirk -

I started reading your blog about a month ago, and I find myself back here every day, checking to see if you've posted an update.

Fascinating, addictive blog - thank you for sharing!

At 11:34 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah my dad was a cop for about 30 years. They would run episodes of Adam-12 and then point out what the officers did wrong. There was something wrong in each and every episode.


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