Tuesday, December 14, 2004


What a day.

I opened up at the store today, and when I left around 1:00, was feeling a little restless. I took a couple laps around the Northside to see if I could smell Jeff again, but there was no trace of him. I've found that I don't really care for walking around in the daytime as much as I used to, perhaps because of my somewhat obsessive need to pee on things.

Street corners, newspaper boxes, pretty much wherever another dog has been, I just feel like I need to give it a quick squirt and move on. I have an advantage over the other dogs in the neighborhood seeing as my bladder is considerably larger, but it does make for awkward interactions with the neighbors when I get caught.

At night, it's easier is all.

So after my walk, I headed back to Williamson's pad to see what Alyssa was up to, and bring her some coffee. I haven't really told any of my other friends about the werewolf thing- and it's funny how much closer you get to a person when you both have dirt on the other one.

Of course, the mutual dirt I'm used to are things like: "you know I drink every night even though I manage to hold it together," and "I know that you cheated on your boyfriend even though you still love him." In this case it's a little more intense. It's like: "You know that I am the victim of an ancient curse" and "I know that you fed the corpse of your boss to an escaped werewolf and continue to spend his money after his death." But you know, it's pretty much the same deal, relationship-wise.

So I got the coffees and headed over there, and she was buried in a book, which is kind of hot to begin with. It was one of the old Romanian texts with the cool shapeshifting pictures in it, and she had an English/Romanian dictionary, and was trying to hash out what it said.

I asked her how it was going and she showed me about 10 pages she had managed to partially translate. It was hit-or-miss work, to be sure, but she was plodding through it, and there was some stuff that seemed to make sense. She asked me how work was, and I told her- I mean, opening the video store is pretty much catatonic work, you drink coffee, do returns, and pretty much veg out. I watched a movie called Wolfhound which I thought was a werewolf movie, but was more a soft-core porno about a guy who spends a lot of time neglecting his family so he can nail this chick who knows how to turn into a sheep dog. If that sounds odd, well- it better.

Actually- what the fuck do I know, you're the one sitting around reading a blog about a werewolf, for God's sake, maybe I shouldn't pass judgement on what you find odd.

But I found it a little odd.

I think the appeal was that the chick who played the sheep dog was in Penthouse at one point, and naked through out the whole movie pretty much.

I started to explain it to Alyssa, but it's kind of hard to tell a woman that you watched a movie like that to learn something about your condition, especially when she has spent the morning doing the same thing by ardously translating ancient Romanian werewolf texts. I mean that's hard work, and might actually bear fruit, and here comes Johnny Jackass running his mouth at her with a whole lot of talk about Penthouse Pets and sheep dogs.

I decided to shut up.

She was working on this one passage, and all of a sudden called me over-

"Hey- lemme ask you a question."


"Are you happy with your life right now?"

"Um- Jesus- I, uh- well, I gotta be honest- I have a few problems."

We both laughed.

"No, look Kirk- if I'm translating this right, it says that no human ever turned into a werewolf who didn't already want serious change in their lives."

"Alyssa- I was bitten by a werewolf- I don't have any fucking choice in the matter..."

"No- Look- there was this woman in Romania whose husband was killed and was struggling to support three kids when she got the bite. There's another guy who was a local prince who was not allowed to marry for love when he got the bite- what I'm getting at here is, yes- the bite is a part of it, but there must also be a serious, deep seeded desire for SOMETHING to change in your life. You're subconcious mind must, on some level, deeply desire a change, any change- for the metamorphisis to become possible. I think an element of it is psychological."


"You're goddamn right, wow! So, are you happy?"

It was then when I kissed her.

Maybe I shouldn't have.



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