Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Hung out-

-with my Dad today.

It really was pretty cool, actually.

I mean, so long as I kept the conversation away from "what I've been up to" and focus on "what he's been up to" we're gold.

And it has been pretty fun.

The funny thing is he has been actively avoiding addressing what he percieves as "the problem," which in his mind is me doing heroin, which I've actually never done. Of course, the actual problem is the fact that I'm a werewolf, but I'm actually managing that pretty well I think.

That's the difference between lycanthropy and heroin, I think, is that lycanthropy is, well- managable.

Or, at least, I think I'm managing it pretty well.

And therein lies the problem. You tell one lie and it leads to many lies. I don't know anybody who was in trouble with heroin, stopped, got better and walks around talking about it. So I don't know what to tell him.

I mean, maybe heroin is like lycanthropy in that way- I mean, if I somehow beat this thing, and it turns out that I don't have to change into a monster on every full moon, well shit- am I going to walk around bragging about how I beat it?

Fuck no.

I'm gonna keep it to myself, and hope it never happens again.

Which is what I assume heroin addicts would do.

So here's what I think I'm going to do.

I'm going to tell him that I really don't have a problem with heroin except during the full moon. I mean, it's well documented that the full moon causes intense reactions in people, so I figure I'll just say that during that time I go a little nuts, but have been able to contain myself. Then I'll be able to stick to as much of the truth as possible, and maybe try to salvage some kind of honest relationship with him.

I told him that the pigs belonged to a friend, and I was holding them for a while.

Jesus Christ.

My life is really, really, really not turning out the way either me or my dad had expected.

We may go see The Producers tomorrow.

I need some serious help.


At 11:37 AM , Blogger bombom1st said...

no when you have a problem with gear you dont ever really beat it,you may say you have but allways at the back of your mind its there,waiting 4 that moment of weakness or bordom or genaral shittyness thatll release the demon.i suppose being a werewolf is a lot like a habit,it physicaly alters your brain chemistry 4 good,your appearence changes,you become dependent on circumstances you cannot control,and its fuckin lonley for the most of it,because no one can ever understand without beingthere first,no matter what they say.oh and the people you care for the most get damaged.in fact the more i think about it the more it draws simularities.and one other thing,you CANNOT hide it,at best you learn to control it.even then its still a dogs life.....

At 11:53 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Recovering addicts are a very humble bunch. The best of them have a "new lease on life" attitude and become obsessive about whatever productive part of society they have chosen to cling to. So, you can combine this heroine-free act with the pigs... tell your dad you're going to culinary school. Pork fat rules.

At 3:05 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe you could tell him that you're going to start a commune with other former junkies, and then hit him up for a lot of cash to fund your (M. Night Shamalamadingdong) "Village" idea. The pigs are the first step.

By the way, can werewolves get trychinosis? That seems like the last thing you would need.

At 6:12 PM , Anonymous Kristina said...

yes, werewolves can get trychinosis, trust me. you better check them pigs. trychinosis sucks.


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