Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Still no pigs.

Damn this weather.

I'm getting a cough, too.

These 60 degree temperature swings really do it to me.

Still, I got up early, (for me) and was smart enough last night to load up the crock pot with Beef Stew fixins. I got up at 10:00, and by quarter to twelve, I was living it up with beef stew. Also, there is a Star Trek marathon on Sci Fi. I know that I have a lot of problems, but lemme tell you, he ins and outs of lycanthropy go down a little smoother with tasty-ass beef stew and Original Trek on the TV.

I was never into it when I was a kid, but I've been enjoying it recently. I never got into the newer Star Trek shows either, but lemme tell you- it's fun to see Captain Kirk just sitting around making tough calls. He has hard decisions to make and he fucking MAKES em! Maybe I just enjoy seeing someone named Kirk actually taking charge of his life.


The pigs were supposed to arrive two days ago, and I just got off the phone with the guy. He says Friday at the latest, and gave me a window where I had to stay at home.

He said, "Anywhere between 9:00 and 3:00."

It's like the fucking cable guy, but with pigs.

I'm at the video store tonight. Stop by if you're around.


At 4:23 PM , Blogger tigerkitty810 said...

ok i kow i said i would never post again but i think you should kow this everybody so i dont do it.

i am seriously going to kill my little bro. my family is so stupid they dont understand anything about me my stuid ass bro is all like your a gothic lesban and my parents dont care. all my mom can do is be like just go to your room and stay away frum him. i think i need to run away from here. but i was tougt not to run from yor probs. i dont know wat to do but i also dont know y i am telling peeps that dont care.

if i dont do something about my bro then im going to have to do something about myself it is that bad. my dad is the main influence. he acts like everything is my fault and so i have to take the fall for everyone. he thinks its no prob wen he destroys stuff like the house or kill something i loved. he has no respect for me or my family so now in return i have no respect for anything especially him. well that helped but i still need to do something about this prob. if i do do something about myself i will comment again and it will be my last. g2g my bro cummin

At 11:02 PM , Blogger Alex said...

tigerho810, get your own blog. Nobody gives a shit about your plans to kill a your little brother, unless it involves turning into a lesbian werewolf and devouring him in a bloody feast. Shove it.

Kirk: man, the weather in NY is nuts, yesterday, how could it go from 50 with springlike rain to 4 and ice coating the entire tri state area. Fucking March.

Be easy dude.

At 2:37 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Alex, here's a fun idea- don't be a dick. She's obviously upset.

Tigerkitty, if you want to turn to the internet for advice, you might find more help at an advice forum. A lot of people here aren't likely to be able or willing to help you out.

I googled a few, and this one seems pretty okay...

Good luck with it.


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