Thursday, April 28, 2005


Jeez what a couple of days-

I guess I should let you know who's been hanging out.

First of all, there's Alyssa, who you guys know.

She's been all over this Cameron guy- a Scottish werewolf hunter she hooked up with a few months ago. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned him before. He's just over six feet, has red hair, is in great shape, and has one of those scottish accents that you fucking love when you hear it from a bartender, and want to puke when it starts condecending to you. He's kind of a dick, but I don't really blame him- he knows that me and Alyssa used to be together, and I think it kind of burns his ass.

I say good.

Fuck him.

Sure, Alyssa's a real catch, dickbag- wait till she convinces you she's there to help, and you end up in a catatonic trance in a New Jersey basement with your cock in an Irish setter.

The other two dudes are OK, they are both Scottish too, and work for Cameron in the Lycanthropy center in Edinborough. Their names are Scott and Chandler, and all I've gotten out of them is that Scott does the book stuff and Chandler handles the werewolves, a task that led to his nickname "Chandler the Dog-Handler" which Scott finds hillarious.

Scott's a little nerdy looking, but a decent guy, and Chandler the dog handler is big, beefy, and although very affable, keeps giving me the evil eye, like he'd just as soon drain a pint with me as beat me down with an electrified baton.

The werewolf girl's name is Julie, and I can't read her yet. They brought her as a sample group, in that when they were testing my blood and hair samples, they needed someone who definatley did change in the last moon cycle to compare it to.

While I'm sure all of you want to know how "hot" she is, it's kind of hard to say. She seems to be in her mid 20's, and is not unattractive, but certainly not "model hot." I wouldn't really call her "my type" except for the obvious fact that, well- she is my type, if "turning into a werewolf on the cycle of the full moon" can be called a "type."

Unless, you know, I don't do that anymore. But still, she has something behind her eyes, and the way she brushes the hair out of her face is strangely compelling to me. We really haven't talked much, but we also haven't been alone. Every time they come over, she's had this leg bracelet on that Chandler has the controller of. Clearly, she's afraid of him, and that makes me like Chandler even less.

But you know- maybe we'll get a chance to talk soon.

I should ask Alyssa about that.

Oh, and I worked at the store today.

Watched Blade 3.

Not as good as the second one, but still a lot of fun.


At 4:27 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Warning stands, I guess. Be careful.

At 4:07 PM , Anonymous rowd149 said...

ditto. if that other werewolf has a leg bracelet, you could find yourself in one soon, too. 'specially since Alyssa's been unfaithful before.

At 11:10 PM , Blogger Onyxwolf said...

I agree with the above posts.


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