Monday, April 25, 2005


Once again, full moon, no changes.

And- come to think of it, I really haven't been peeing on stuff as much as I used to.

Maybe this is it?


Of course, tonight is the last night, so I'm gonna be in the cage again.

I'm going to take a chance, and move my bed in there, so I can actually sort of sleep.

The fucking chickens run everywhere, have me up at dawn, and the cow fucking stinks.

If this is it, and I actually am not a werewolf anymore, didn't one of you commentors mention that it's impossible to get a cow to walk downstairs?

I might have a problem there.

Still, if I'm not a werewolf anymore, that would be awesome!

We'll see after tonight.

Sundown is in two hours.

This is nervewracking as hell.


At 11:46 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just relax and repeat the Beast Mantra over and over- it'll help. "I AM a Beast....I AM a Beast... I AM a Beast". See? Anyways, whether or not you're still a Werewolf, remember that you're still my idol. Chutes. From; your Beast Idolizing Friend.

At 7:59 AM , Anonymous Rhonda said...

Well, even if you're not a werewolf anymore, you should keep blogging - you're funny as fuck, Kirk.

Let us know what happened...

At 10:58 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps you can cut a deal with Peter Luger, they butcher your cow in exchange for a few free porterhouses. Or, learn how to do it yourself and grill all summer long. There's a poultry butcher under the BQE, you can get those chickens taken care of too... maybe exchange one for duck, yummy duck. Oh, the possibilities.


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