Monday, May 02, 2005

I'm tired-

I played hockey yesterday, and worked all night at the store.

We got spanked 10-nothing, but it was against one of the best teams in the league, and I haven't really got my legs back yet.

We'll be back.

Still, I'm a firm believer in the notion that getting your ass kicked in hockey is still a hell of lot more fun than winning in any other sport. You know, unless you're playing "single elimination oral sex Parcheesi." Winning in that is pretty awesome, but again, it kinda depends on who you're playing with.

Plus, I had a really good bid on a goal when I crashed the net, called for my winger to shoot, had two good whacks on the rebound and the goalie came up huge. Couple more games and I'm not missing that shot.

Working at the store was a hassle, cause I was working with Keith, who is like the most annoying son of a bitch at the store. It's gotten to the point where he says shit that if it was ANYBODY else saying it, it would be no problem, but becuase it's him asking, I get annoyed at the question.

Here's an example- at one point he said "How's your cat?"

Which is annoying for two reasons.

First off, I ate my cat last year, around late October I think. I obviously haven't told anybody this, but I have mentioned that he passed away, and that's the kind of thing any dickhead should be able to remember.

Second, even if my cat was alive, how the fuck are you going to answer that question? I mean, shit dude, it's a cat. It walks around, eats food, and purrs when you pet it. I mean, what the fuck does he expect?

"Oh my cat? Well, I gotta tell you he's been a little depressed of late- you see this Iraq situation really has him down. On the one hand, he's apprehensive that the war is being mismanaged at the higher levels, but he feels if he publicly speaks out about it, it could somehow undermine the morale of the troops. And you know, sometimes he pukes."

Fuck it.

I'm beat.


At 11:15 AM , Blogger Andrew said...

are you, by any chance, on the Mighty Squirrels?

At 5:25 PM , Blogger Onyxwolf said...

Heres a question. Is there any new werewolf stuff???? Just wondering. Maybe you will beat the next team you play. I am a big hocky fan myself I just dont have anyone to play with around here.


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