Friday, November 19, 2004

Back in New York!

Boyoboy, is it good to be back.

I had to get a cup of coffee this morning, and you know what I did?

Waked down the street and got one.

While I must admit there is merit to driving just a little too fast down Laurel Canyon road while blaring "Ride the Lightning" by Metallica, I gotta tell you, in my heart, I'm a subway boy.

In terms of people's comments that someone may try and come to hurt me if I tell you who I am and where I work- honestly guys- how many werewolf hunters are blog-literate?

Honestly, I got the hookup from Memepool, and really- think about it- how many career werewolf hunters really understand and get into the idea that the evolution of ideas is moving faster than the evolution of species?

If you're into werewolves, you're probably more on board with bodies evolving faster.

Also, who says there are any werewolf hunters?

Sure, the naked guy who I assumed was the werewolf that bit me got shot, but I don't know that it was by a silver bullet, I don't even know if silver bullets work, and it's totally ostensible that someone on the lower east side might be packing, and if they saw a beast like that they might have shot it. Believe me, if I had a gun that night, I woulda been blazing away.

Come to think of it, it's actually worth investigating the story of that dead naked guy.

I think I still have the investigating officer's business card, I could call where the hell did I leave that thing?


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