Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Sorry about that last post..

I was drunk.

It happens, you know?

I've been really lonely lately. It kills me, but the problems I've been having right now in terms of weird notes, and potential other werewolves are just slipping to the side because I'm just so goddamn alone.

This is hard to deal with, yes- but LIFE is hard to deal with, and I've been stressing about whether I can go to Maine for thanksgiving when I know I have this thing hanging over my head, I just- I just feel like I want to escape.

I think that's what I'm going to do.

I'm going to get on a bus tomorrow, and go back to Massachusetts, and from there, go up to Maine and have thanksgiving.

Fuck this guy and his note.

Friday is a full moon, and if the worst actually happens, well- all that means is that I need to be in a safe place when the sun goes down.

If I leave Maine on Friday morning, I can be in Brooklyn in 8 hours, and up on my roof by 5:00 PM.

That should be plenty of time.

If you live in Williamsburg, and are around on Friday night- please, be careful.

I mean it.


At 12:01 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Kirk...it's Karen Cooper...you don't HAVE to be lonely...there are alternatives for you...I think you are quite intriguing...and I just bet I could tame the beast in you...


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