Saturday, May 14, 2005

Hey- you know what?

The commentors are too mad today.

Take it easy, guys.

The more important news is that there has been a guy dropping off notes at the video store.

There have been two so far, and I'll let you guys know about them soon, they claim to be from a fan of the website, butI'm still a little nervous.

As cool as this blog is, I don't like getting messages at work.

You know?


At 10:04 AM , Anonymous Smiley said...

It's always a bit uncomfortable when personal life intrudes into work life.

Then again, you're also balancing playing street hockey with dating a girl you've not told too much about, while everyone's trying to either set you up with the psycho female werewolf because you just happen to be a werewolf too (or not anymore) or tear you a new one for being the fakest thing since the WMDs in Iraq.

What a difference a month makes, eh? So have you read any good books lately?



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