Sunday, May 22, 2005

Well, tomorrow's the day-

Full moon tomorrow night, and then it's three in the cage next to that wacko chick werewolf, and I'll see if I'm really over this shit.

Part of me wishes that I was a werewolf, cause it's gonna be no picnic trying to sleep next to a werewolf, raging against the bars of it's cage.

Amybe Alyssa will let me out if I don't change.

I had a hockey game today and I'm pretty goddamn tired.


At 12:34 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow dude. are you really cool with werewolf girl? 'cause you might wanna be if, y'know, she escapes or something.

At 9:17 AM , Anonymous Dystopia said...

You know, you might be safer in the cage. If you aren't a wolf and she is, and she breaks out, then the cage would be safer. However, that is obviously not the most likely scenario.

Here's hoping you can beat your affliction.

At 9:25 AM , Anonymous Kim said...

Hey, you might want to consider getting a second cage. If she changes and you don't, what if she wants to eat you? She's said to you how she wants to kill people. All I know is that I would not want to be locked up with some crazy chick like that.


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