Monday, December 20, 2004

Alyssa's gone.

I think Jeff's got her.

I mean, what the hell else should I think?

We went to his apartment Saturday night and Jesus, what a mess. Totally trashed, piss and rotten food everywhere and he was nowhere to be found. I was going to pee on a few things myself just to freshen up the joint a bit, but Alyssa wouldn't have it.

It was annoying, but I suppose it's sort of her show, so- you know.

We dug around and tried to find some clues, but I'm not much for detective work. She was looking through what appeared to be his file cabinet, and while she was busy with that, I put on Sportscenter.

This hockey strike is really starting to piss me off. It's great that the Sox won it all, and that the Pats still look good, but I'm telling you, after the Super Bowl, it's gonna be tough to be a sports fan. I hate basketball. To top it all off, with all this drama in my life, I might not live that much longer, which means I might never see the Bruins win it all.

Fuck, I might never see another Bruins game.

Typical- as soon as they get a decent goalie, I get bitten by a wolf and the owners lock out the players.


Anyway, Alyssa came back in, and said she found a bunch of letters from his parents which she thought might be good leads. Apparently, he grew up in Long Island, so that's a start anyway.

So I go to work on Sunday, get back to her place and she's gone. So were the letters. No note, no message no nothing. I went back to Jeff's place, nothing. So I went out to Long Island today, and knocked on Jeff's parent's door, claiming that I was selling magazine subscriptions. The bad news is that Jeff and Alyssa's scents were non-existent. The good news is I sold 4 subscriptions to Jeff's Mom, and she paid me in cash.

Looks like she's a dumbass too.

Now I'm worried though- if he has her, and turns into a wolf, she's fucked. And what do I do? Look for them when I'm a wolf? It's gonna happen this week again, and I really oughta be in the cage, But what the hell good can I do her in the cage?


This sucks.


At 7:13 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even though you can't talk about werewolving, it might be a good idea to call the cops and report a missing person. If you have any photos of her, that might help, too.

(I don't know how you smell, but it might be a good idea to splash in the tub for a bit before you visit them. If you can smell yourself, so probably can we normals.)

Just keep with the story that she's set up: she's an art dealer out of Williamsberg; you work at a video store.

And don't get into dominance wars with the police dogs. They're beneath you.


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