Friday, December 17, 2004

I saw Jeff today.

You know where he was?

Renting a fucking video.
Phone Booth. The one with Colin Farrell. What a dumbass.

I was in the back reshelving when he came in. He picked up his movie, saw me, dropped it and ran.

I chased him out of the store, and yelled at him to wait, but I lost him. I'm pretty out of shape, and was hung over today.

He's better off though- Colin Farrell blows.

The good news is, I looked him up in the store computer and got his address. Me and Alyssa are going tonight.

Just for fun I put a couple of pornos with sick names on his account, and ran up the late fees. It's gonna be pretty awesome when he comes back and gets told that he owes 200 bucks for "What Got Grandpa Hard" and "One in the Pink and One in the Stink 13."

I'll let you know what happens tomorrow.


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